I would like to commend the Junior Campus staff and students on a successful (although largely unwanted) return to remote learning. While it is not something that we ever thought we would, or wanted to, get used to, it is a credit to all members of the community that we are able to so effectively return to this format for our learning. During the last week, not only have we continued our normal school timetable, but we have been able to continue to provide the diverse opportunities for our students that we value.

Over 50 year 7 & 8 students were able to undertake their online training for their upcoming SYN radio experience. While conducting the training at home is not the same as visiting a radio studio, it is still great that we can offer such a program to our students. Thanks to Ms Grace Leszczynski for managing this. We also ran our Personal Best program launch with our year 8s, who heard from guest speaker, comedian/writer Mr Declan Fay, who urged them to not wonder ‘what if?’ and try to find their passion. Thanks to Mrs Debbie Sekula for organising this event.


Parents at Mount – Save the date

Inviting parents of Year 7 and 8 to join in an informal information evening via Google Meet to find out more about ‘Parents at Mount’ – A group for families of MWSC to connect socially and be involved in the school community. Ideas for involvement in COVID times will be very welcome!

When: Thursday 12 August
Time:   7:00pm
Venue: Google Meet


Junior Campus Remote Security

Remote Learning periods are always a chance to try new ideas and we’ve tried something new this time around. Rather than patrolling the campus myself, I’ve sent in an assistant from home (my backyard on the left) to go and keep an eye over the Junior Campus. So far he’s reported that everything is running smoothly.



Mr Matt Sheehan
Acting Campus Principal – Junior School