On Monday 3 May, the Year 7 students were lucky to participate in a presentation by the poet and author,  Mr Steven Herrick.

Steven Herrick is an Australian  author, who writes fiction, poetry and verse-novels for children, young adults and adults. He has written many books which have been translated into numerous languages and have  won national and international awards  Herrick explained that he spends part of the year writing, part of the year visiting schools and performing and part of the year cycling in Europe (or used to!) and writing about his adventures.   His works include “The Simple Gift”, “A place like this” , “Waterbombs” and “Love, Ghosts and Nose Hairs.”

Mr Herrick performed poetry on diverse topics ranging from football, to school and even toenails. His poetry was often humorous, as well as narrative and informative.  Students were impressed with the diverse collection of works and his ability to remember them all and perform them so skilfully.    The students thoroughly enjoyed Mr Herrick’s entertaining poetry and learnt a great deal about the creative process and how wonderful poems can be written about everyday life.
Steven Herrick kindly stayed on and gave an informative session to our senior students in the “Left to Write” creative writing group.  The students asked lots of questions and received inspiring, thought-provoking advice.
He was really interesting, I learnt a lot and will definitely be incorporating some of his advice into my writing.  (Kyra H – Year 11)
I loved it! It was a priceless insight into the inside life of an author and Steven is a really funny and passionate man.  I’ve certainly taken many of the things he has said to heart to think about for a long time.  (Jack T – Year 12)
After Mr Herrick’s session, the Left to Write group collectively penned this poem;


Are useless without thumbs

Hold bruises and scars

Are the ones that make and the ones that break

One is useful, the other useless

Much more beautiful when attached to the person who owns them

Are like spiders…that lost three legs…

Are what I see on a clock

Hands wrinkle and age

I like them best when they are holding a pen

Hands covers the truth

Hands: one does everything, is skilled, strong, and brave. The other hangs by uselessly and awkwardly, unable to do anything…