Chess Club 

On Tuesday 11 May, the Junior School held a Chess tournament. Students were able to participate in this tournament to have fun and earn house points for their house. Students of any ability whether they were at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level for chess had the opportunity to participate. There were around 50-60 students who participated in the tournament which was a great number!
All participants were able to receive one house point for their house as they came along to show some house spirit and wanted to participate, a further two points were distributed to winners. Students were able to play against friends, new faces or even teachers. Students who competed against new faces were able to make new friends and had an opportunity to work on their social skills.

The following results are as followed:

  • 1st place was Goolagong with 72 points
  • 2nd place was Landy with 42 points
  • 3rd place was Bradman, Cuthbert & Whitten with 36 points
  • 4th  place was Fraser with 30 points.

Students showed great house spirit and had a lot of fun competing against other students & teachers, and winning house points for their house!    ~ by Naomi K (8G)

Jewellery Club

Lot’s of creativity has been on display at the Origami and Jewellery club on the Junior Campus. Students have been making their own bracelets, mothers day cards and keyrings using equipment, material and colourful beads. It has been a very busy club and a great outlet for students looking to invent themselves a new accessory.   Thank you to Miss Passmore for running this club!  ~ Ms Grace Leszczynski