Mount Waverley Secondary College’s Exemplary Sporting Program

We are very proud of our many sporting teams who represent our college admirably during competition against other schools.  People regularly comment on our students’ excellent behaviour and good sportsmanship.  Our sports program is going from strength to strength and this is a tribute to our families who encourage in their children a love of sport and doing their best. Congratulations to all our students who participate in our college sports, district sports, zone finals and state finals, we are proud of the high participation rate of our students in sport.

I would also like to thank Mr Liam Wall and Mr Danny Gwynne, our Sports Coordinators, who oversee sporting programs across the college, and all of the other staff who give up their time to coach and run practice sessions for sporting teams.


District Cross Country  

Our students have continued the Mount Waverley Secondary College tradition of participating in large numbers in sport by their active involvement in the school cross country event.  It is rewarding to see our students committing themselves to leading a life of fun and fitness through participating in sport whilst also learning the life-long skills and values of team work and good sportsmanship.

The District Cross Country event took place on Tuesday 7 May.  Mount Waverley Secondary College performed extremely well on the day with over 150 students participating. I congratulate all of the students who competed and represented our college with pride.  Thanks to Mr Liam Wall and Mr Danny Gwynne for all of their hard work in getting the team ready for this event.

Well done to the following students who will now compete at the zone level on Tuesday 18 June:

12/13 Boys14 Boys15 Boys16 Boys 17 – 20 Boys
Andrew D – 1st placeJake N – 2nd placeMorris D – 5th placeIzak B – 1st placeFinn H – 7th place
Thaurl H – 4th placeHenry C – 10th placeEthan B – 6th placeAlexander K – 3rd placeKyle N – 8th place
Noah B – 5th placeShion M – 13th placeNicholas H – 7th placeTom H – 5th placeLuke F – 9th place
Hayden V – 6th placeLuke L – 15th placeBrendon J – 8th placeRyan K – 7th placeDaniel B – 10th place
Max K – 8th placeNicholas C – 12th placeJack A – 8th placeConnor W – 13th place
Omar A – 9th placeLachlan B – 13th placeAlec F – 12th place
Austin H – 11th placeHarrison C – 14th place
Rihan R – 13th place14 GirlsSamson K – 15th place
Matthew M – 14th placeAlina B – 6th place15 Girls
Kayden L – 7th placeZali M – 1st place17 – 20 Girls
12/13 GirlsElise H – 9th placeAnneliese B – 3rd place16 GirlsImogen T – 6th place
Aisha H – 2nd placeMia J – 11th placeTaya F – 10th placeAlannah T – 2nd placeJess B – 8th place
Aleisha C – 3rd placeAnastasia R – 12th placeClementine J – 11th placeViola H – 7th placeNatalie L – 13th place
Charlotte E – 12th placeHiruki M – 13th placeZara A – 15th placeEllen L – 8th placeBella K – 15th place




All State Jazz Gala Concert

On Saturday night 8 May our Jazz band performed at the All State Jazz Gala Concert as they won their section at the recent The Victorian All Schools Jazz Championships. It was an amazing concert with recent competing jazz ensembles and jazz choirs across the State playing. They also featured Australian Vocal group, ‘The Idea of North’ and a jazz ensemble with some of Australia’s best jazz musicians. It was a wonderful overall experience for our stage band students.

Ross Irwin a renowned jazz musician specifically spoke in his concluding speech about Chris R of Year 10 who came a close second as best jazz soloist out of over 100 bands and choirs. It was a proud moment for Chris.  Special thanks to Mrs Tijtje Keatley and Mr Nathan Liow for attending with our students.




Well done to all of our Year 7 and 9 students who completed their NAPLAN tests in language conventions, writing, reading and numeracy this week. As you can imagine with over 600 students sitting these tests a lot of organisation and planning is involved.  Special thanks to Mr Matthew Turner, Testing and Assessment Coordinator and Ms Lauren Kelly, Head of Student Learning and Growth in overseeing this process and the Sub School teams for all of their support.


Preparing for Examinations

At this time of year our students are diligently studying for their outcomes and exams.  It has been pleasing to see students studying in the library and VCE Centre, attending Homework Club, catching up with teachers for additional support and attending revision classes to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their exams.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each student all the best for their SACs and exams.  I am sure they will be rewarded with results that reflect the hard work that has been undertaken throughout the first semester.  Our learning community is proud of the way our students approach their learning, whether it be academic studies, learning a musical instrument, mastering a drama performance, or representing our college in one of our many leadership programs.  Our students and teachers approach all activities with great enthusiasm, matching this with hard work and knowing they will achieve success by giving their best.

Exam Dates 2021:

Year 9 :  Monday 31 May – Monday 7 June

Year 10 :  Monday 24 May – Friday 28 May and Monday 7 June – Thursday 10 June 

Year 11 :  Monday 31 May – Thursday 10 June

Year 12 SACs :  Monday 31 May – Thursday 10 June

General Achievement Test (GAT) :  Wednesday 9 June 



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal