MWSC Jazz and Stage Band

The Music Department at the college is back in full swing with lessons, rehearsals, festivals and concerts happening on a regular basis. Our Year 7 cohort has begun lessons on their chosen instrument, and the Year 7 string orchestras and concert bands will begin their rehearsals in coming weeks.

The Jazz Band and Stage Bands participated in a whole day Jazz Camp during the holidays to prepare for All-State Jazz Championships taking place this Sunday 2 May. During these rehearsals students took part in all day rehearsals, sectional rehearsals and an outdoor concert for parents at the end of the day. Each band worked hard to master three songs to perform and is looking forward to competing. Events like this couldn’t happen without the support of the music staff. Thanks to Ms Melissa Knowles, Mr Joseph Yu, Mr Damien Maughan and Mr Nathan Liow who joined me at school on this day.


MWSC Seussical Orchestra


The Seussical Orchestra preparation is in full swing as the second rehearsal taking place last Saturday 24 April. The ensemble of 16, mostly made up of staff, students and alumni has worked hard to rehearse the difficult musical score. We look forward to working with the leads of the show in an upcoming Sitzprobe later in May. Thanks to all members of this orchestra, it is a testament to the college music community for so many to volunteer their time.


Upcoming music events:

(Please refer to Compass to see if your student is involved) 

  • 2 May    – All State Jazz (Jazz Band & Stage Band)
  • 13 May – Unit 3 Recital
  • 21 May – Year 10 Recital (Classroom music students only)
  • 27 May – Unit 1 Recital
  • 3 June & 17June – MWSC Soirees (information re: performers and ticketing coming in future weeks)
  • Week 6:   Instrumental Music CATS – instrumental students will be preparing for this with their teacher



Mrs Titjtje Keatley
Music Director