Year 8 Rubicon Camp

By Riveen  G and Yash K (8D)

Last week from 22 -26 March, some Year 8 students had the exciting opportunity to participate in a 5 day camp at Rubicon Education School.  Almost 50 Year 8’s were lucky enough to be able to travel to Nayook and be able to do some amazing leadership activities combined with some fun. These included a 2 pair canopy quest with flying foxes, tight ropes and a whole lot of fun and teamwork; there was a tiring yet awesome mountain biking course which tested everyone’s limits whilst there also being a spectacular rafting journey through the Yarra River, which proved as one of the best activities on camp, with the feel of the water gushing past you as you rode down with your friends and the beautiful scenery that lay above you.

After a tiring day, students were able to navigate the dark yet peaceful grounds of Rubicon, doing activities and exploring the campsite on a Night Navigation, which was a mini Bush Rogaine which was another awesome experience where a pair had a sheet and map and ventured through the vast forest which contained some markers that they had to find in the 1 hour they had before they had to get back. Some of the other activities also included a hike to a waterfall and a tree challenge which tested your leadership skills and stamina. Despite this camp being a jam packed and awesome experience, there were some challenges that students faced. Some were emotional, while some were physical. Personally for me, I have a fear of heights, and doing the high ropes course/ canopy quest was quite scary, however, with the help of my friendly peers and staff members and teachers of Rubicon and Mount Waverley Secondary college, I was able to overcome my fear and just have fun.

Apart from other physical challenges such as endurance for the hike, river journey and mountain biking, or the balance you had to maintain from the unstable ropes course, there were some mental challenges that had to be overcome. For some groups, we may not have been with our friends, and at first most people would have been reluctant and hesitant, however as you do more and more activities with these new people, you realised just how wonderful they are. Personally I made heaps of new friends, with almost every single person in my group! It was a bit hard at first to acknowledge and adapt to the new environment and new people I was around, but in the end it was a fantastic journey.

Through this camp, we have learnt many things about ourselves and our peers. Some students learnt that certain activities were actually fun even though they were hesitant at first. Students were brought out of their comfort zones and the enthusiastic camp staff helped us to embrace our fears to try new things. We have realised that before trying something you shouldn’t judge or back away from it, you should always have a go and then decide whether you like or dislike it.

Of course we must give a huge thanks to Mr Stroud, Miss Gibson, Miss Robertson and Mr Quiambao  who attended camp with us. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and enjoy the awesome activities with us! I highly recommend this camp for students who are interested. It was honestly a life changing experience, we all tried things we normally don’t do at regular school camps. We were able to go caving and rafting in the Yarra River which is something we would’ve never gotten the chance to participate in! Rubicon camp was the perfect opportunity for students aspiring to be future leaders to learn about leadership and teamwork. Camp also brought us out of our friendship groups and encouraged us to socialise with other students, this is what made camp so enjoyable. All in all the Rubicon Camp for Outdoor Education was by far the best camp we had ever gone on, with great food, great friends, teachers and staff, and a whole lot of fun!