I continue to be amazed as to how resilient our students really are. Congratulations to our VCE cohort for transitioning successfully to remote learning, and then back to onsite learning.
During our snap lock down our students displayed maturity and dedication to their learning by continuing to try their best regardless of the circumstance.  To ensure students were supported during this lockdown we temporarily paused SAC tasks for the week of Monday 15- Friday 19 February, please see the SAC calendar for revised assessment dates (please see compass newsfeed).
We also continued to run our regular mentoring classes with our Year 11 students focusing on help seeking, and our Year 12 students focusing on goal setting and time management. Again well done to everyone, the Senior School team are very proud of your achievements and attitude during this time.


VCE Information Evening

Thank you to the large number of families who attended our virtual information evening on Tuesday 9 February. A recording of the presentation and accompanying materials can be downloaded from compass. Please refer to the compass news feed.


VCE Student Handbook 2021

This week VCE students and families were emailed a link to the 2021 VCE Student Handbook. It is a VCAA requirement that all students completing their VCE studies have a copy of the VCAA rules and the school’s rules and procedures. It is recommended that you take the time to read through this document and familiarise yourself with the VCAA and Mount Waverley Secondary College expectations as your student completes their studies. Please see the compass news feed to download the document.


Dr Michael Carr-Gregg : Year 12 Incursion – Surviving Year 12

On Monday 22 March we have the pleasure of welcoming Dr Michael Carr-Gregg adolescent psychologist. During 2020 Dr Carr-Gregg worked closely with the Education Department supporting students and schools develop and implement resilience building skills specific to working through the challenges of a global pandemic.

As part of our college wellbeing program Dr Carr-Gregg will be working with our students on developing strategies to survive the challenges of year 12. This is a compulsory incursion that all year 12 students are required to participate in. The incursion will be held during common time (period 5&6, 1.30pm-3pm).

Program Summary : The art of surviving and thriving in year 12 lies in the balance of work and play, pursuing physical as well as mental wellbeing and nurturing the inner self.
2020 research from Mission Australia suggests that school and study rank 2nd overall as the most stressful aspects of young people’s lives in Australia, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in Year 12.
Year 12s have high levels of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.  Couple this with enormous parental anxiety and the media beat up, it all makes for a rough road. Based on a lifetime of research into the wellbeing of teenagers, this talk gives practical advice and useful insights on how students can survive Year 12.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Senior School