When our 2020 College Captains Lynn Li and Amit and Deputy Captains Jennifer and Riyah were appointed at the end of 2019, they knew that they would be leading their cohort through one of the toughest years of their lives; however, none of us could have imagined what would unfold this year. The Covid-19 pandemic meant student voice and leadership was a little different in 2020, but it also highlighted just how powerful student voice is and how much we value student voice at our college.

Captains Lynn Li, Amit, Jennifer and Riyah have done an incredible job leading the Year 12 team and their year level through the challenges of remote learning this year. Our Year 12 Student Leaders met via Google Meet during Remote Learning in Terms 2 and 3 and worked together to support students in their year level and increase student motivation and morale. This included working closely with their Year Level Coordinators, Ms Cara Hill and Ms Bec Kosach, and with Mr Paul Graham on a range of wellbeing initiatives including a Year 12 page on the new Student Wellbeing website.

Mr Nic Barca, Leader of Junior School, continued to support our Year 8 Student Leadership Team to run regular meetings during remote learning.  The Year 8 leaders worked together to create some fun activities for students during Home Group and provided valuable feedback to the Junior School team about their experiences during Remote Learning.

2020 has been a very different year, but despite the challenges of remote learning our students have continued to make the most of opportunities to contribute to the school and broader community. This has included participation in a range of online forums, competitions, and conferences.

This week it was announced that Junior Campus Principal Andrew Batchelor has been appointed as the new Principal of Frankston High School. I would like to thank Andrew, on behalf of our student leaders, for his support of Student Voice and Leadership over his four years at the college, and in particular, over the past three years as Junior Campus Principal.  Andrew has worked closely with the Junior Campus Captains and has actively supported the Rotary Interact Club, Junior Teach the Teacher, and the Mount Matters program. We are beyond grateful for Andrew’s leadership and support, and wish him all the best in his new role as Principal of Frankston High School.

A special thank you to Mr Nic Barca and the Junior School Team for their ongoing work and support with our Year 8 Student Leadership, and to Ms Antia Hill and Ms Rebecca Kosach for their support of our Year 12 leaders. We are very proud of all of the students involved in student voice and leadership initiatives at the college, and congratulate all of them on another very successful year!


Student Leadership Planning Day

On Friday 11 December our 2021 Captains Lila, Aarya, Jaquelyn and Francis led a Student Leadership Planning Day for our 2021 Year 8 and Year 12 student leaders. The day began with ice-breakers and team-building games and the morning session focused on qualities of MWSC student leaders. The middle of the day centered around brainstorming and planning.  Mr Liam Wall (Sport Coordinator – Senior campus) worked with the Senior Sports and House Captains to brainstorm and plan events and a re-vamp of our House structure. Ms Antia Hill and Ms Bec Kosach (Year 12 Coordinators) worked with the Year 12 Prefects and Captains, and Mr Nic Barca and Mr John Simon worked with our Year 8 Leadership Team.  In the afternoon we heard from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 student leader alumni, who shared their insights into leadership and advice for our new student leaders. Thank you to our wonderful captains for planning and facilitating the day, and to the staff who attended and supported planning sessions.



Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice