2020 what a year. Every year typically, has a few defining moments but the past 6 months has contained so many world changing developments that it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the immense disruption to our lives.

This year as Arts teachers we have had to rapidly shift our perspectives and take up the challenges of teaching Arts Subjects online. For many of us,  the task seemed insurmountable- we rely so heavily on collaborative work, problem solving, audience feedback and connection that only face to face communication can offer. We as Arts teachers had to find other ways to teach, we have had  to stretch and adapt our pedagogy to the online space. At the beginning of this year I didn’t know what,  flipgrid was ,  poll everywhere or canva?. I do now!

This year despite the challenges,  the majority of our Arts students have done really well.  Working with the students In the virtual world our teachers have still been able to foster their creativity and their independence in developing their own style and sophisticated techniques.

I would like to thank the immense ingenuity, flexibility and resolve shown by our Arts teachers.  Moreover, I would like to thank the many Arts students for their resilience, their optimism and courage to create such brave and arresting art works in such a challenging time.   Well done.

I would  like to thank Ms Cecilia Carlill whose idea it was to take the Art Festival online and whose tireless work has created this wonderful virtual space for us all to experience.

Enjoy the 2020 Virtual Arts Festival.  Available on the school Intranet- please ask your children to show you the site.



Ms Jane Carter
Head of Arts