The student wellbeing team would like to congratulate the Year 12 students on the completion of their classes and we wish them all the best for their exams, which for some of them have already started.
There has been much said about the difficulties and the challenges of this year for us all, but it has been significantly difficult for our year 12’s who have missed out on so much and have had to strengthen skills and develop new ones to get the best out of themselves in 2020.

We have enjoyed supporting many year 12’s this year and we will continue to offer support throughout the rest of the year. VCE students can access support through student wellbeing via video counselling and in person appointments. For those students who want in-person appointments, they must sign in and out. As a parent/carer if you are wanting to get some extra support for your child or if you want some advice please contact us. Students can also access the student wellbeing website which has plenty of tips and helpful strategies to get them through the exam period. Our student wellbeing bulletin also came out last week, so please go check in out.



Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing