Student Wellbeing continues to offer support to all students during remote learning. Students can access counselling via google meet or check in via email. If a student wishes to engage with a member of the student wellbeing team they can do it directly via email or alternatively speak to their year level coordinator. If a parent wants to make a referral or is in need of some advice/tips, please get in contact with either Mr Paul Graham (Manager of Student Wellbeing) or Ms Kerri Haworth (Senior Campus) / Ms Danielle Mott (Junior Campus).

At the beginning of term 2 we launched the 6 week lock down challenge for year 7 to 10.

We have been promoting the following 4 key messages: Stay Connected, Stay Focused, Stay Healthy and Stay Positive. These have also been the themes of home group in the first 4 weeks of this term. Students were asked to set a goal/challenge for each one of the 4 themes and also to set an ultimate challenge, such as learning a new skill or trying to reach 10,000 steps a day. We ran a competition during week 1 and we had over 190 entries.

We hope that students have been able to succeed in their goals/challenges during lockdown and they continue to stay connected, focused, healthy and positive during this time.

On Monday 3 August, we were incredibly fortunate to have Jemima Montag (commonwealth gold medallist) present to the Year 11 and 12 students and parents/carers. Jemima’s presentation focused on framing your thoughts, developing your resilience toolkit and perseverance. She encouraged students to reframe their challenges as opportunities rather than threats and she talked about having a support network, focusing on self care and recovery during lockdown/remote learning. Jemima is an inspirational and motivational speaker and no doubt the students/parents who attended would have benefited greatly from hearing her speak.

On Wednesday 12 August 2020, The wellbeing team will be presenting to the year 7, 8 and 9 students using a prerecorded video by Australian diver, Laura Hingston, as part of the Be Fit Be Well program by the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). Laura’s video covers her journey from gymnast to Olympic diver. Laura discusses resilience through having back surgery, the benefits of exercise and a good diet, and ways of having support while “enjoying life’s journey”. She also has a significant focus on having a dream and setting goals to achieve it. The Wellbeing team will be introducing and showing the video as well as summarising key points.

Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing
Many thanks to our college nurses who have compiled some Information on support available for our school community during Covid19.