I would like to congratulate the music community at Mount Waverley Secondary College for the smooth transition back into remote learning. During our music staff meetings, the instrumental staff have discussed the dedication and commitment that our young musicians show to learning their instruments. Attendance is excellent and the students have not allowed obstacles to stop their progress on their chosen instruments.

Each week the College website features solo performers from Year 7-12. I congratulate the students who have recorded these, and are willing to share them with the school community. Please have a listen to these each week if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so already.

Our Junior Choir, led by Ms Alahana Somerville, is preparing remotely for participation in the Victorian School Spectacular, which will be recorded as a remote exercise and broadcast on Channel 7 later in the year. Well done to these students who have been working hard towards this wonderful opportunity.

Both the Stage Band and Symphonic Band have participated in remote recordings. These are challenging for the students involved as it is always difficult to get a ‘perfect take’ and takes time and practice to achieve, and submit a performance that they are happy with. It has been a delight to hear the end product of these projects and it once again demonstrates the resilience our students show.

I encourage students to continue to practice and strive for excellence. In the absence of ensembles during this time, look for ways to create using your music. This can be sharing videos, making recordings, participating in conference calls or using apps such as Acapella to collaborate with others or complete individual compositions.

I’d like to finish this report with a quote. Many students have indicated to me that music really is an escape and a gateway for students to learn in a practical and creative way during this Stage 4 lockdown. Keep up the great work, MWSC Music students.



Over the next few weeks we are beginning the re-enrolment process for 2021. It is important that these forms are returned by the due date so that we get an accurate number for those students continuing. This ensures that we are staffed adequately and that we have an accurate number of places to offer to our 2021 Year 7’s.

Due to the circumstances of remote teaching, we will be emailing the re-enrolment form and instructions out. Current instrumental students/parents please keep and eye out for these forms and make note of the due date.

Any other students in the school community interested in becoming involved in our 2021 Instrumental Program, will have the opportunity to enrol early in Term 4.



Year 7 classroom – Band Program Tasks


 A trio using app “Acapella” to create an ensemble at home 


 ‘Couch choir’ recording we made with the Junior Choir preparing for the Victorian State School Spectacular




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director