My Future Pathways and Subject Selections

This week in the Middle School we started the important and valuable discussions about students’ futures and the different pathways available to them. This started with all middle school students attending the My Future session on Wednesday. This session provided students with information on the different pathways available to them and taught them about prerequisites and how these can be used to help decide what subjects to select. Students were asked to access and reflect on their Morrisby profiles to help plan and develop a future pathway and career direction. They also completed a research task into the qualifications and  prerequisites of their chosen careers as well as completing their semester two Careers Plan. We congratulated them on their attendance and involvement in this session.

Thursday night we held our first online remote Middle School Subject Information Evening and we would like to thank all parents/carers and students for their attendance and participation at this session as well as a big thank you to those staff that presented on the night and those who were available in the faculty rooms to answer questions. It was a great night with a lot of information available to support the students in their subject selections.

Over two days each of our current year 10’s had the opportunity to be involved in an online Subject Selection Course Counselling session to support them through this process we would like to thank all students and parents/carers who attended these and a big thank you to all the staff who facilitated these valuable discussions.


Important Dates in the Subject Selection Process

  • All subject selections need to be submitted via Edval by Friday 14 August.
  • All expressions of interest to be part of the enhancement program in order to complete a VCE subject in year 10 need to be completed and emailed to Mrs Sekula by Friday 14 August.

We wish our current and future Middle School students all the best in making these decisions and remind them that there are many resources available to them to help support them through this process including the student hand books, faculty information and video, recordings of the presentations and other supporting material which  are available to all students via the intranet and the shared folders.




Ms Sarah Chase
Head of Middle School