Remote Learning Survey

During the remote learning period, a team of students and staff worked together to create a survey to collect feedback from students, teachers and parents/carers on their experiences in the remote learning environment. The Working Party was established with the aim of capturing a snapshot of the experiences of MWSC students, staff, and parents/carers as we adapted to this new way of learning.

The Remote Learning Survey Working Party involved representatives from the Teaching and Learning, Sub-school, and the Wellbeing team, as well as both Junior and Senior campus students. Members worked together (remotely!) to design the survey questions. The Working Party members are:

Students:   Farah H, Teresa W, Georgia K, Charlotte D (Year 8), Viola H (Year 9), Lila O, Hifzhan H, Rachel T, Aarya T (Year 11), Jennifer C, and Amit K (Year 12).
Leading Teachers:   Lauren Kelly (Head of Learning Growth), John Simon (Head of Junior School), Nicholas Barca (Junior School Leader), Sarah Chase (Head of Middle School), Matt Sheehan, and Hayley Dureau
Learning Specialists:   Cara Hill, Clare Challenger (High Ability), Elizabeth Sutherland (Literacy), and Brittany Barber.
Campus Principals:   Andrew Batchelor (Junior Campus) and Ian MacLeod (Senior Campus)
Head of Wellbeing:   Paul Graham

We intend to use the data collected to celebrate:
A) the resilience of our learners, both staff and students, during this challenging time
B) the positives that have come about through this experience – for example, advances in student agency, and to
C) highlight some possible long-term changes to our practice to improve student learning.

The working party will meet next term to review and analyse the survey data. A preliminary summary of the data was presented at School Council on Thursday 18 June.


“Top points to MWSC in your commitment to our son’s learning during this difficult time.”

“On the whole, we have been happy with the remote learning program on offer for our child.”

“I would like to thank wholeheartedly each and every staff of MWSC for managing this remote learning so well. Every lesson has been well planned and the teachers are always there to help out our kids as well as to address our concerns. Hats off to you all for making this whole experience of online learning so successful.”

“We would like to thank the teachers/staff who have worked so hard to ensure our children continue with their education despite the challenges. We are fortunate to have such amazing leaders who have put the wellbeing of the students first and nurtured them though these unusual times. So much extra time and effort has gone in to setting up remote learning and we are very grateful for all that you have done. Thank you.”

Our family would like to thank all of our child’s teachers for their efforts in conducting remote classes and executing lesson plans to the highest levels.

“Well done and thank you MWSC! What an outstanding effort and contribution the school staff and students have made to get through the COVID19 lock-down.”

“Thank you all of you for all of the effort you have made over the period. Everyone has pitched in at this time, and every staff member has risen to the occasion. Teaching online is much harder than face to face. I can hear the concern in the teachers’ voices, I can hear the different ways they are connecting with my children. Sometimes I can hear their children at home in the background. This has been a difficult time for us all and the staff at Mount Waverley have been exemplary in the support they have given to our community.”

Thank you amazing teachers, your care, support and love is all each student needs. after they receive that then they can learn and feel proud of their achievements and succeed.”

“Well done to the Teachers & staff at MWSC for providing great remote learning content to the students! Thank you for all your hard work!”

“Overall, I think MWSC has made a great effort to transition the kids to schooling at home. Thank you to all the staff and teachers for their help and hard work.”

“A huge thank you to the Team at MWSC to deliver quality online learning, for support when needed and the effort put into the delivery of the curriculum!”

“The teachers have done a fantastic job and thank them for adjusting to what has been a difficult time for everyone”

“Thank you for all your support over this difficult and challenging times.”

“I appreciate all the clear communication from the teachers and staff through the Compass notifications. It is an unsettling time and it has been very good to hear the calm and measured approach of the school. I haven’t felt the need to reach out for support but if I did, I would have know how to access the resources you have available, thank you.”


Thank you very much to everyone involved in the working party for their time and effort so far. Thank you also to every student, parent/carer and teacher who took the time to respond to the survey. Your feedback and reflections will help us to harness the positives from this unprecedented experience!


Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice