Safe Holidays from the Nurses and important information for 2020

The start of the year is a busy time for the Nurses with Camps across Year 7, 10 & 12. There are also many Year level activities occurring on and off campus; including the swimming carnival. To assist in our preparations, and to ensure the safe transition of your child into their year levels, it would be appreciated if you would ensure that you have provided the College with the necessary medical information, treatments and medications including management plans such as Asthma and ASCIA Allergy or Anaphylaxis.

Get ‘asthma ready’ for Back to School

All students with asthma must  provide an Asthma Action plan to the College and carry or have access to their own prescribed reliever medication at all times, including off campus activities. A spacer is also recommended as it is well researched that a spacer used in the delivery of medication is more effective.

Asthma Action Plans and more information to prepare for the school year can be found here: 

If your child will be attending a camp in 2020 please ensure that their Asthma Action Plan is reviewed ready for the school year as they need a current Asthma Action plan to attend camps.

Is your child’s allergy information current?

All children with confirmed allergies are required to provide either a green or red coloured ASCIA Action Plan to the College. Please note that black and white printed forms cannot be accepted.

ASCIA action plans can be accessed at:

ASCIA Action Plans should be reviewed and reissued when your child is reassessed by their doctor, which is approximately every 12 to 18 months. If your child has an Adrenaline Autoinjector then a great rule of thumb is New Pen ~ New Plan. This ensures that the plan is reviewed each time a new prescription is acquired.

Please note; as instructions for management of allergies has changed, the College is only able to accept the current version of ASCIA actions plans (2018©️). We recommend taking a coloured copy with you to the appointment to ensure they complete the correct form.

The College website is also a reference point for many forms necessary for your child’s safety at school, including the Anaphylaxis Policy

Please do not hesitate to call the Nurses on your child’s campus if you have any questions or wish to update their medical history.

Have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to caring for your child in 2020.



Caz & Kate – Junior Campus Nurses
Jody & Sophie – Senior Campus Nurses