We wished our 2019 Year 8s all the best for their start on the Senior Campus this week. They’ve been a fantastic cohort and have been exemplary in their contributions to so many aspects of school life: sport, music, leadership, as well as in the classroom. Special thanks to our 2019 Student Leadership Team, who were the first team in our new leadership structure on the Junior Campus and led tours, events, assemblies, Mount Matters and more.

On Monday 25 November, our new Year 8 students began the Early Commencement Program with an inaugural Checkpoint Day. This was a day designed to get our students to pause and reflect on their learning and character strengths before commencing a new academic year. Students also got to know the students in their new Home Groups and, in the afternoon, heard a presentation about healthy gaming from The Gaming Institute. We were impressed with the students’ positive mindsets and insightful reflections on their learning and effort as they look ahead to 2020.

The themes of Year 8 in 2020 are challenge, resilience and leadership. A key part of this focus is the Year 8 Challenge Program. From 12 to 14 February, the Year 8 students will participate in a compulsory educational program built around the theme of Challenge. The program has been designed to challenge the students in a range of activities. Students will all have the opportunity to climb and abseil a high climbing wall, enjoy a circus performance and learn new tricks, participate in impromptu performance, experience the thrill of the wild with reptile encounters. learn to dance in hip hop style and more. We are pleased to again have the participation of Bernard Mangakahia Mana who will present ‘The Spirit of Polynesia’. Consent and payment are due via the event on Compass by Monday 3 February 2020.

Lastly, thank you to the 2019 Junior School team for their care, empathy and hard work with our Junior School students. Thank you to our Year 7 Coordinators – Ms Rachael McCracken, Ms Samantha Cody and Mr James Johnston (Term 3), our Year 8 Coordinators – Mr Mark Quiambao and Ms Jo Rogers, our Student Leadership and Activities Coordinator Ms Sarah Smith and our Junior Campus Student Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Danielle Mott. Special thanks to our Junior School Leader Ms Lauren Kelly for her leadership and hard work, and Mr Andrew Batchelor for his ongoing mentoring and support of the Junior School team.


Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School