Unit 2 Recitals  

The Unit 2 Recital was held on 31st October. It featured an array of talent, instruments and repertoire and was enjoyed by a large audience. These performances are an important part of the preparation process for solo performance, giving students an authentic stage to perform with feedback from a panel of examiners. Thank-you to Tom Frost and Damien Maughan who joined me to assess the students and congratulations to all of the Year 11’s who performed. Anyone in attendance would agree that the standard was magnificent. 


VSMF  – Junior Wind Symphony 

Junior Wind Symphony were the last group to perform in this festival for 2019. Made up of almost 60 junior students, the band gave an excellent performance especially when considering most of the students have played their instruments for under 12 months.  The students performed for Adjudicators Sue Arney of Melbourne Uni and Heather McWilliams of Education Queensland and enjoyed an onstage tutorial with Ms McWilliams. They had a fantastic experience with a “very tight and accurate performance”.   Congratulations to the group and their director, Ms Alahana Somerville. 


2020 Music Information Evening      

On Thursday music department hosted a large number of 2020 Year 7 students to introduce them to the Music Department at the college. These students had the ability to try the instruments, meet the staff and hear all about how exciting the music program at MWSC is. Thanks to the music staff who worked so hard to support this event. 




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director