Year 12 2020 Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to our newly appointed 2020 Year 12 College, Deputy, Music, Arts, Sports and House Captains.
Lynn L College Captain
Amit K College Captain
Riyah A College Deputy Captain
Jennifer C College Deputy Captain
Kevin E College Sports Captain
Emlyn B College Sports Captain
Sam S College Music Captain
Paul H College Music Captain
Mekayla M College Arts Captain
Vanshika B College Arts Captain
Emily B Landy House Captain
Makenna P Landy House Captain
Jordan G Cuthbert House Captain
Annabel S Cuthbert House Captain
Kevin E Whitten House Captain
Charlie O Whitten House Captain
Jordan T Fraser House Captain
Ellie P Fraser House Captain
Breanna M Bradman House Captain
Dylan N Bradman House Captain
Merryn H  Goolagong House Captain
Amanda C Goolagong House Captain


Year 8 2020 Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to our newly appointed 2020 Year 8 Junior Campus Captains, Deputy Captains and House Captains. These 16 students will make up the 2020 Junior Campus Student Leadership Team.

Benji M Junior Campus Captain
Belen I Junior Campus Captain
Radin T Junior Campus Deputy Captain
Yusra A Junior Campus Deputy Captain
Maya C Landy House Captain
Pria T Landy House Captain
Georgia K Cuthbert House Captain
Lachlan S Cuthbert House Captain
Amelie B Whitten House Captain
Ben A Whitten House Captain
Taya F Fraser House Captain
Brad F Fraser House Captain
Charlotte D Bradman House Captain
Teresa W Bradman House Captain
Grace S Goolagong House Captain
Farah H Goolagong House Captain


Thank you to Mr Andrew Batchelor and Mr John Simon for their time and efforts in leading the selection process, which included shortlisting written applications, conducting interviews, and overseeing a student and staff vote for the Junior Campus Captain positions.   The 2020 Year 8 Leadership Team will be formally introduced to their year level during the Early Commencement Program.


The Global Learning and Engagement Symposium  

On Friday 25 October, Year 9 students Nive, Talyssa and Charlotte presented at The Global Learning and Engagement Symposium in Melbourne CBD. Through this wonderful opportunity, they were able to provide feedback to the Education Department on their experiences on the Victorian Young Leaders to India trip and contribute to existing and potential global learning and engagement supports for schools. The session had a focus on sharing innovation and good practice and examining the methodology being implemented by the Department to accelerate work in this area.


Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice