As our 2019 academic year comes to an end I would like to thank our Middle School students for their contribution to the college this year. Throughout the year our Year 9 and 10 students have excelled in the classroom, achieved great things on the sporting field, sparkled in the spotlight on stage, and rocked our socks off with their musical talent.

On behalf of our college community I would like to thank the Middle School team for providing support for our students and families throughout the year.


Middle School Exams

This week our Year 10 students have started their exams and they will continue into next week. Year 9 Exams will commence on Monday 28 November. If a student is absent for an exam they are required to submit a medical certificate to the Middle School Office by Thursday 21 November.


Early Commencement Program

The 2020 Early Commencement program begins on Monday 25 November. Students are required to bring exercise books for each of their subjects and also their device.


Camps and Programs

Payments for the Year 10 Camp and Year 11 Flying Start are due by Monday 25 November. Payments can be made via the Compass Portal.




Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School