The senior campus has been very busy with exams continuing for students studying a Year 12 subject and this week Years 10 and 11 students started their exams. Year 9 students will complete their exams next week. Staff have been busy assisting students, preparing and marking exams and getting ready for the Early Commencement Program.

The senior and middle sub school teams have worked very hard to ensure that the exams have run smoothly. A special thank you to all of the subschool and subject teachers who have ensured that the exams have been organised, prepared and run smoothly.

Students in Years 9 to 11 are expected to attend all exams unless they are ill or there are other exceptional circumstances. Parents/ carers are asked to contact the college if their child is absent. Year 9 students have timetabled classes as well as exams.

The exams provide a valuable opportunity to reflect and review on their exams and to develop strategies to improve as they move into 2019.



Support for the Year 12 students

On any day since the 22 October the corridors of the college have been filled with students and their teachers working through past exams and discussing knowledge in preparation for the VCAA exams. Other students have emailed their teachers with questions. Congratulations to all of the students who have been proactive in seeking help and thanks to all of the teachers who have given up their time to assist the students.



Professional Learning at the college

A number of staff will be attending subject association conferences over the next few weeks. These provide an opportunity for teachers to meet with colleagues and hear from experts in their subject areas. A number of teachers including Ms Amanda Sfindilis-Reed (Maths), Ms Jane Carter (Drama Conference) and Mr Robert Cetincic, Mr Matt Sheehan, Ms Kydi Cassar, Ms Amanda Irwin, Ms Debbie Sekula and l (VCTA Conference) are all presenting at their respective subject conferences. This is a reflection of the talented and skilled staff at the college.



VCAA Assessors

A number of our VCE teachers are assessing Year 12 VCAA exams. This involvement benefits our students as the teachers gain experience and develop their expertise in what students are required to do in Units 3 & 4.




Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School