It has been a busy term and it has been great to see our Junior School students enthusiastically taking up a wide range of opportunities. Some highlights from Term 2 on the Junior Campus include:

  • The Monash Tech School visits, where students have engaged in multi-day, inquiry-based programs with a range of emerging technologies in the new state-of-the-art facility at Monash University. Students have collaborated to solve problems and design innovative solutions and have been challenged in their thinking. These visits will continue for Year 7 and 8 Home Groups in Terms 3 and 4. Thank you to Junior School Leader Ms Lauren Kelly for all her organisation and for all the teachers who attended one or more visits.
  • The sport program, ably led on the Junior Campus by Mr Danny Gwynne. It is great to see a wide range of students eagerly trying out for teams and admirably and skilfully representing our school.
  • The continued development of the Student Leadership Team comprising our Campus Captains, House Captains and Music Captains. This term our leaders organised the Global 6km run for World Vision (ranking as the top fundraising school in Australia and raising over $2700) and ably led assemblies, Mount Matters sessions, casual clothes days and more. Many thanks to Ms Sarah Smith for all her hard work with our leaders.
  • All the music and arts opportunities for our students including the first rehearsals of the new Year 7 Bridging Bands, the Mount Gambier Generations in Jazz Festival, The Addams Family rehearsals and much more. Thank you to all the dedicated staff for providing all of these opportunities for our Year 7 and 8 students.
  • The exciting and action-packed Rubicon Camp for our Year 8 students! Great teamwork and leadership was shown by all 58 campers. Thank you to the teachers who attended, braving the elements and supporting our students.
  • Our Junior Campus Mount Matters representatives attending and presenting at the Mount Matters Forum this week, and confidently and articulating sharing reflections on their year level’s Mount Matters discussions from this term.

Today at our end-of-semester Campus Assembly we recognised a number of students who achieved excellent academic results in Semester 1 as well as a group of students who have consistently and admirably demonstrated our College values. We would also like to acknowledge the work that all students have put into their academic studies as well as the contributions they have made to our College community. We are grateful for our students’ enthusiasm, positivity and willingness to strive for growth and look forward to seeing everyone back for Term 3 after an enjoyable and relaxing break!



Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School