A humid and steamy 32 degree Wednesday 6 February 6 was host to our annual House Swimming Carnival at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. The carnival was filled with impressive individual performances, high levels of encouragement from all attendees and fierce competition between the college houses.

As always, house spirit was at fever pitch when the presentation of the House Cup rounded out proceedings. In what was a tense battle all day, the navy blue of Whitten held off Goolagong to claim their first ever House Swimming title! Congratulations Whitten!

  • 1st – Whitten – 616
  • 2nd – Goolagong – 521 
  • 3rd – Bradman – 506
  • 4th – Cuthbert – 468
  • 5th – Fraser – 458
  • 6th – Landy – 405

It was once again a successful day for many of our students who can be extremely proud of their participation and conduct, including those who have been successful in gaining a place in our college swimming team. We wish these students the best of luck as they take on the division on Friday 1 March.

Mr Matt Cara & Mr Danny Gwynne
Sports Leaders