Year 12 – Week One

The first week of year 12 started with a massive bang! Students arrived on the first day for a special program that included four sessions which entailed VCAA Paperwork, Camp preparation and mentoring, Elevate Study Skills and a guest speaker to discuss with the students tips and tricks for preparing for interviews.

Then on Thursday 31 January, 230 students arrived at 6am to attend Surf Camp. Every student had a different itinerary based on what they were interested in, activities included; Surfing, Kayaking, Mountain Bike Riding, Fishing, Golf, Tree Adventure, Waterfall walks, the Bells Beach Walk, Alternative and Traditional Beach sports, Masterchef, Photography and Landscape drawing.

During the camp students focused on strengthening their resilience as well as their leadership and communication skills, this was put to the test with various team building activities.
The camp was extremely successful due to the support of the staff who attended as well as the resilient and well behaved students. Thank you to all those who were involved!

Ms Claire McCormack
Senior School Leader