Student Learning Model

Over the past two years the Heads of Faculty and Learning Executive have been collecting data and conducting research into effective student learning theory and how they may be able to create a model that can enhance the outcomes of all learners within our school. In 2018 the team, along with many students and other staff members, finalised the design process, and 2019 sees the implementation of the Mount Waverley Secondary College Student Learning Model.

The desired outcome is that this model highlights the key skills and attributes of effective learners, and provides students with a framework through which to proactively pursue learning excellence and thus enhance individual and collective student agency within the classroom and throughout the college. The Student Learning Model is designed for use by all members of our learning community. Students from year 7 to 12 will be supported and encouraged to make learning goals based on the model and use it to guide them through their everyday learning. Likewise, teachers will be supported to undertake further professional learning in developmental theory and encouraged to engage with the model meaningfully in their teaching.

The model will be introduced to students in a range of ways, including the Student Goals process, Mentoring, Home Group and through their everyday classroom activities. There are posters of the model on display in various parts of the college, including every classroom. It will also work alongside our Explicit Instructional Model, which teachers at the college have used to guide effective teaching over the past three years.

We would encourage parents and carers to engage in discussions about this model with your children and welcome any questions about the model and its implementation.


Mr Matt Sheehan
Head of Pedagogy