Welcome to 2019

A warm welcome is extended to all students, parents and staff of our school community, particularly for those families who are new to the college. I would like to congratulate the Middle School students on their positive start to 2019. Week 1 was an exciting week with our Year 9 students participating in the Inspire Program, and our Year 10 students attending the Year 10 camp at Federation University. A big thank you to the Year Level Coordinators for overseeing both programs.

It promises to be an exciting year ahead with many extra curricula activities planned across all areas of the college. Students will have the opportunity to participate in sporting activities, leadership teams and events, the college production – The Adams Family, music ensembles, and many lunchtime clubs and activities.  I encourage all students to make the most of these opportunities and get involved.

If you require support for your child please contact the Year Level Coordinators in the Middle School.

Year 9 Coordinators
Rebecca Kosach           KSH@mwsc.vic.edu.au
Peter Schneider            SCH@mwsc.vic.edu.au

Year 10 Coordinators
Kate Reichman             REI@mwsc.vic.edu.au
Mardi de Kretser           DEK@mwsc.vic.edu.au


Students Diaries

All students were provided with a college diary at the beginning of week 1. The diary is a tool to help students improve their organisational skills by recording homework and assessment tasks.
The college diary has been develop by the Resilience Project. On each page there are tips and ideas to help students build resilience in their daily lives. I encourage all parents to sit down with their child to read through the diary and discuss how some of these resilience strategies could be adopted outside of school or even in the home.

Please note that if a student misplaces their diary they will not have the opportunity to repurchase a new one. Students are required to write their name on their diary along with their contact details.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School