2019 Year 10 Leaders

Congratulations to our newly appointed 2019 Year 10 Student Leaders!  We look forward to working with these students next year to enhance student voice and leadership across the college.  Thank you to all of the staff involved in shortlisting and interviewing applicants, particularly to Mr Matt Cara, Ms Kate Reichman, Ms Mardi De Kretser and Mrs Jan Pugsley. The team attended a morning tea on Tuesday this week with their 2019 Year Level Coordinators Ms Kate Reichman and Ms Mardi De Kretser, along with Ms Lisa McKiernan, Mrs Julie Cain, Mr Matt Cara and Mrs Karen Wade.

Year10 General leadership Team









2019 Year 8 House Captains

Congratulations to our newly appointed 2019 Year 8 House Captains! Well done to all students who applied, and thank you to Mr John Simon and Mr Andrew Batchelor for their time and efforts in shortlisting and interviewing the candidates.  The team comprises a dynamic group of enthusiastic young leaders and we can’t wait to work closely with them in 2019!


Student Voice & Leadership 2018 – Thank you!

What a wonderful year of Student Voice and Leadership at our college. Our Captains Vidarshana S and Liam R, along with our Deputy Captains Maddy B and Emma G did an incredible job of leading student leadership across the college this year, and continue to be incredible role models to students across both campuses.

In its third year, Mount Matters got even bigger and better this year when it grew to include Year 7 and 8 students. During Term 2, a group of Year 11 and 12 student leaders travelled to the Junior Campus to facilitate the student-led focus groups each Friday morning, and our wonderful Year 8 leaders took over and ran their own Mount Matters sessions in Term 3.  Mount Matters continued to run at Years 9, 10 and 11 on our Senior Campus, giving students a chance to work with their peers to create positive change in our college community. The before school student-led focus groups enabled Home Group Representatives to discuss issues relating to the student body, and provide feedback to staff and school leaders. Teachers, school leaders and members of the Principal Team consulted the Mount Matters representatives on a range of issues throughout the year.  At the end of each term a Mount Matters Forum was held, giving students a chance to share a summary of their findings, insights and suggestions with students and staff.
Well done to all of our Mount Matters Representatives and Student Leaders for demonstrating how student voice opportunities can drive positive change, boost morale and enable students to give back to the college and wider community.

Now in its fourth year, Teach the Teacher is well and truly embedded into the culture here at Mount Waverley Secondary College. Our amazing 2018 Teach the Teacher team included students from Years 9 – 12. They surveyed students, analysed data and looked at current educational research before running a professional learning session for staff which looked at Student Confidence. More than fifty teachers attended the Term 3 session. With more students involved in Teach the Teacher than ever before, Teach the Teacher has continued to provide a framework for students and staff to discuss teaching and learning, and has enabled students and staff to work together to improve student-teacher relationships across the college.

We had some visitors from across the Tasman Sea when school leaders from three different schools in New Zealand travelled to see our Student Voice and Leadership programs in March, and again in June.

College Captain Liam R and Campus Principal – Junior School,  Mr Andrew Batchelor presented to key stakeholders in State Education at the Victorian Department of Education and Training Education State Forum in August. Liam and Andrew shared their experiences as a student and school leader involved in Teach the Teacher and Mount Matters, describing the impact that these Student Voice initiatives have had at the college.

Also in August, Deputy Captain Maddy B presented at the Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ Victorian Q&A panel about Student Voice at the college. Michael S of Year 11 spoke on a student panel at the Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ National Conference in September.

College Sports Captain Tiffany Y was on the Victorian Student Representative Council Executive from July 2017 until June 2018, and was a finalist for the 2018 Newsboys Foundation Scholarship at the VicSRC Awards in recognition for her outstanding leadership on the VicSRC Executive and at the college and in the broader community.

Deputy Captain Emma G was nominated for a VCAA VCE Leadership award and was also awarded the University of Melbourne’s prestigious Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship in recognition of her outstanding leadership.

Our Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Student Leaders have participated in a wide range of conferences, camps, leadership summits and Lions and Rotary Youth programs in the wider community, and have worked together to organise a range of events and activities within the college. They have demonstrate passion, drive and initiative, and it has been amazing to see what a significant impact student leadership and student voice has had on the college climate again this year.

Thank you to Mrs Katherine Rose who has done an amazing job leading Student Leadership on the Junior Campus, and to Mr John Simon and Mr Andrew Batchelor for supporting a range of Student Voice and Leadership programs at the Junior Campus. Thank you to the sub-school teams, particularly the Year Level Coordinators at each year level for their support of the student leaders. A special thank you to Ms Linda Crook for the ongoing support and guidance she provided to the Year 12 Leaders throughout the year, and to Ms Deb Munro for the enormous quantity of hot chocolates she provided for our Mount Matters participants this year!
We are very proud of all of the students involved in student voice and leadership initiatives at the college, and congratulate all of them on another very successful year!


UN Youth Victorian Junior Leadership Weekend

UN Youth Victoria is running a Junior Leadership Weekend in early May 2019 at Urban Camp Parkville.  UN Youth Victoria’s inaugural Junior Leadership Weekend is an opportunity for students in year 7 – 9 to learn about the educational theme, The Education Divide, gain skills to make change in their community and meet new friends.

Junior Leadership Weekend will be held on May 4th-5th. The cost of the event is $210 per delegate ($190 for the first ten students to register).
Students can register here: https://unyouth.org.au/event/vic-jlw/


Aotearoa Leadership Tour

UN Youth Australia - Aoteroa Leadership Tour 2019Catherine V

2019 Year 12 College Prefect Catherine V was recently selected as one of just 16 young Australians in Years 10 – 12 who will take part in the UN Youth Aotearoa Leadership Tour during the June/July school holidays in 2019.
The tour will explore indigenous rights, culture, reconciliation, and Australia’s relationship with its first peoples through an intercultural tour of New Zealand. The tour focuses on the rich history and tradition of the Maori people, and the methods used to preserve this culture.
Catherine will travel through Wellington, Auckland, Waitangi, Rotorua and Sydney to meet and work with local communities, grassroots organisations, government representatives and NGOs at the forefront of the fight for indigenous rights.
More information about her trip can be found here: https://unyouth.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ALT-Info-Pack.pdf
Congratulations Catherine!



Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice