From VCE Team

We would like to thank the students, staff and parents who have supported us this year and wish everyone the best for a safe holiday and enjoyable festive season.


Year 12 Results

It is not all about the ATAR but about the fine young people that demonstrate those important qualities of care for others, resilience, and commitment to be the best they can be.
Nevertheless, it is always nice to be successful and the numbers in 2018 are a testament to the Class of 2018 and their care for others, resilience, and commitment to be the best they can be.  The results this year are the best in four years, setting a new trend for future years at Mount Waverley Secondary College.

Back in January this year,  our Year 12s started the last year of their secondary schooling.  Filling in the mandatory VCAA paperwork, writing letters to our future selves and listening to the all-important study tips was a quiet start to what was to be a momentous year. And then the year began in earnest.  Study, class, homework, (and homework detentions!), seemed endless.
By the middle of the year, I suspect our Year 12s felt a bit overwhelmed with the number of VCAAs, VTACs and ATARS and threatened by a rising flow of SACs.  In these times, they discovered that the hidden gem of year 12 is not an ATAR score but working together, supporting each other to become the unit known as the Class of 2018.  And they survived, slowly building up to a grand finish.

And then on 31 October to be precise, the exams began, signalling the climax of ten months of hard work. The longed-for last exam brings relief, the calm after the storm, but it is an uneasy calm as the anxious wait for results begins.
Finally, at 7:00am on the morning of December 14, the results are there, peeping cautiously out from the screen.  At this moment each individual student has their own story to tell, their own feelings and future to make. That moment is the signal to the start of the next chapter of their lives which the Class of 2018 will face with those important qualities – care for others, resilience, and commitment to be the best they can be.

We wish them well in their future directions and we are confident that the best they can be is pretty awesome!     Well done and thank you, Class of 2018.

P.S. To the Year 12s of 2019 – The challenge is on! 



The VCE Team