Junior Campus House Captains 2019

We have recently appointed our Junior Campus House Captains for 2019 who will help lead their houses during a variety of activities and further strengthen our House Program at the college. We congratulate the following students:

  • Bradman – Yasmin W and Adam A
  • Cuthbert – Lilly R and Dylan P
  • Fraser – Olivia R and Alannah T
  • Goolagong – Zoe M and Tom H
  • Landy – Sienna  and David M
  • Whitten – Emma P and Ethan H

Thank you to Ms Hayley Dureau and Mr John Simon for their efforts in providing this leadership opportunity for our students.


Orientation Day

On Tuesday 11 December we held our Orientation Day to welcome our Year 7 Class of 2019 to the college.  Students were engaged in a wide range of activities designed to help them get to know other students, staff and our Junior Campus.  This is an important day and is another big step for our new Year 7 students who are joining the college in 2019.  We look forward to welcoming our Year 7 students back to the college in 2019.  Thank you to Mr John Simon, Ms Lauren Kelly, Ms Sam Cody and Ms Rachael McCracken for their efforts in organising this day, supported by Mr Greg Campbell, along with all staff involved in running activities.


Early Commencement Program

It has been a great start to 2019 classes over the past three weeks for our new Year 8 students who have commenced learning in their classes. This has been valuable time for students to meet the majority of their teachers and transition to their new year level.


2019 Year 7 Music Recruitment Evening

Last Thursday 6 December we hosted our 2019 Year 7 Music Recruitment Evening at the Senior Campus. Thank you Mrs Tijtje Keatley, Miss Alahana Somerville and all of our wonderful music staff for their time and involvement in organising and participating at this event. We look forward to another talented cohort of music students here at the college.



Thank you for your support of our college community in 2018.  We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday period and look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2019.



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School