Youth Leadership Conference
On Friday 23rd November our 2019 Year 12 Captains attended a Youth Leadership Conference with student leaders from schools across the state. The conference was hosted by Haileybury and was held at their City Campus. Thank you to Mr Mark Quiambao, a recent Deakin graduate and former MWSC pre-service teacher, for attending the conference with our captains.
Year 9 2019 – Student Voice and Leadership

At a special assembly for 2019 Year 9 students on Tuesday 27 November, students heard about the various Student Voice and Leadership opportunities available to our Year 9 students on the Senior Campus. More information about Student Leadership, Mount Matters and Teach the Teacher will be communicated to Year 9 students at the beginning of Term 1, 2019. 

Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice