We have completed the application process for our 2019 Junior Campus Captains and are pleased to announce our successful candidates:



      Izak B                                       Lewis C

 Deputy Captains:


        Hiba A                                         Gauri A 

 Thank you to Mr John Simon and Miss Hayley Dureau for leading this process.  We look forward to commencing the process in appointing other 2019 Leaders at the Junior Campus including House Captains, Rotary Interact Leaders, Mount Matters and Teach the Teacher leaders.


Student Goals

Our third and final session of Student Goals for 2018 is approaching taking place on our Junior Campus on Wednesday 21 November during period 3 and on the Senior Campus on Tuesday 27 November during period 4.  This session will be led by either a current Year 11, Year 12 or Alumni student providing the opportunity for students to reflect and celebrate their achievements in working towards their goals set earlier in the year.  These reflections will be available for viewing by parents/carers via Compass. Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr Matt Sheehan and Mr John Simon for their efforts in organising these sessions, supported by Mr Ras Van der Merwe and Mr Greg Campbell.



Last week we conducted testing for all of our 2019 Year 7 students to gain further learning data on them to support their learning and our teaching when they join us.  Students also had the opportunity to see the Junior Campus and meet a number of teachers and other students they will be sharing their learning with. Thank you to Mr John Simon and Ms Lauren Kelly for overseeing this, supported by Mrs Colleen Pritchard, Mrs Rhonda Palstra, Mrs Danielle Mott, Mrs Margaret Taylor, Ms Emma Kerr, Ms Katie Radak, Ms Rachael McCracken and Ms Samantha Cody. 


German Study Tour Evening

On Wednesday 7 November we held the 2019 German Study Tour Evening on the Junior Campus to a large group of interested families. Thank you to Mrs Mary-Jane Boughen, Ms Gokce Delioglu, Ms Jo Rogers, Ms Sarah Smith and Mrs Bronwyn Nash for their efforts in organising and being part of this event.




Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School