Karen Wade - Principal

Our community, a global community

As the world is changing it is not enough for us just to be citizens of Mount Waverley Secondary College, but we also need to be global citizens.  We need to be active participants in our multicultural society and respect other people for their similarities and differences.  The state of Victoria is a thriving multicultural society.  Our population hails from over 230 nations, speaks 180 languages and dialects and follows more than 116 religions.

Global citizenship means that we need to become aware of how interconnected we are with people and environments, both here and around the world, and how we can contribute to a global society and economy.

Education for global and multicultural citizenship is a critical part of the 21st century learning.  It will equip students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to prosper and thrive in the world of today and in the future.  What skills will students need in the future?  The research says that they will need to be able to communicate with other cultures and learn languages other than English (especially Asian languages). 

Other important skills that will be required this century will be a knowledge of multicultural and global perspectives and emerging issues, and inclusive and respectful attitudes toward others.

At Mount Waverley Secondary College we reinforce this message with our values iLearn – integrity, learning, excellence, accountability, respect and nurturing.  


Indonesian visitors

Recently we were involved in the Shadowing Program with Monash University and the Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesia. We hosted a Principal and School Supervisor from Indonesia for two days who were taking part in a 2 week Professional Learning program. The aim was for these leaders to be immersed in an Australian school setting, observe best practice in school leadership and ways of engaging teachers, students and local community. Our two visitors Dr Masful and Mrs Napasti thoroughly enjoyed their visits to both campuses and meeting with various staff as well as our College Captains.


2019 Japan Study Tour     

Our Japanese Study Tour left on Thursday 6 September. We wish Dr Les Mullins, Mrs Julie Cain, Ms Gokce Delioglu and our Year 9 and 10 students an enjoyable and rewarding study tour to Japan.  We look forward to hearing all about the trip and to their safe return on September 30.


World Challenge

Our World Challenge Expedition to Cambodia and Laos departs on Saturday 8 September. On Friday 7 September the students and staff were involved in ‘Build-up Day’ as part of their final preparations with the World Challenge staff. We thank our staff Ms Lauren Kelly, Ms Lynette Spiller, Ms Emma Kerr and Mrs Kerri Haworth for all of their efforts in preparing for the trip and wish all of the staff and students travelling overseas a safe and enjoyable time.


Vice Chancellor’s Dinner

I had the privilege of attending the University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor’s Dinner for Principals on Tuesday 28 August. Professor Glyn Davis, AC was our host and gave a very informative and entertaining speech. Glyn is retiring from the University of Melbourne after 12 years and will be replaced by Professor Duncan Maskell who is currently the Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Cambridge.    


Student/Parent/Teacher conferences

Student/Parent/Teacher conferences will take place on Thursday 13 September between 1.00-4.30pm and 5.00-7.30pm.  All appointments will again be conducted on the Senior Campus.  Full details were forwarded to parents/carers via Compass on Friday 24 August.  Bookings opened from 6.00pm on Tuesday 28 August.

However, if parents/carers of VCE students attended the VCE conferences earlier this term, then you are not required to book another appointment.  If you do wish to book another appointment, available times were online from 28 August.   Preference is given to Years 7 to 10 students.   

Students are not required to attend school for regular classes on the day but are expected to attend the appointments.


Working Bee

Just a reminder that the Term 3 Working Bee will be this Sunday 9 September on the Junior Campus from 9.00am until 12pm.  If you could come and support us on the day, we would be most grateful.  It is wonderful to see what we can achieve when we work together in this way.  I look forward to seeing you there.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal