Karen Wade - Principal

VCE Parent Teacher Night

Thank you to all the students and parents who attended the VCE Parent Teacher interviews on Thursday 26 July.  The feedback was very positive on the night and there is no doubt that students appreciate being supported by both the college and their families at this critical stage of their education.


Performing Arts – College Production

Our Performing Arts program goes from strength to strength.  Last Thursday night I had the privilege of attending opening night of this year’s production “Bring it On”.   I was very impressed by the quality of student performances.  The singing, dancing, acting and gymnastics were outstanding.   A big thank you to our Alumni Abbie Rose and Sonia Birch for their outstanding choreography, Rick and Ray Liang who worked tirelessly as band members, Natalie Christopher in charge of marketing and the program, Felicity Jenkins who attended rehearsals and was the fly operator and Sarah Marshall who worked on projections.  Congratulations to the following students who were cast in lead roles and to all the other students who played a part in this magnificent show, well done!

Nikki                            Max                             Aidan                           Rebecca
Jacquelyn                 Neave                         Breanna                      Alex
Chana                         Rebecca                     Ellery                           Laura


The college production band was made up of current and past students and directed by our Music Director, Ms Tijtje Ellis, and was outstanding.  Congratulations also to our brilliant Director, Ms Jane Carter [Head of The Arts Faculty] as well as Ms Nicole Ness – Sets, Costumes/Props; Mr Tom Frost and Mrs Cecilia Carlill – Vocal Coaches; Ms Jane Abley – Stage Manager; Mr James Davies and Mr Troy Downward (Instrumental Music Teachers) who were in the band, and all the other students and staff who helped behind the scenes.

This show was dedicated to the late Mrs Bindi Gatward and I know that Bindi would have been so proud of everyone’s achievements!


College Raffle

On Thursday 2 August at the opening night of this year’s production, the college raffle was drawn.  Congratulations to the following prize winners:


Main draw:                                      1st prize             Vineth – Year 7

                                                            2nd prize            Steve Martin  

                                                            3rd prize             Oshen – Year 10

                                                            4th prize             Dylan B

                                                            5th prize             Rhonda Palstra

                                                            6th prize             Panduka – Year 12


Ticket Book Sellers prizes:      1st prize           Jessica – Year 8                                                     

                                                          2nd prize          Ally – Year 7

                                                          3rd prize           Daniel – Year 8

                                                          4th prize           Antonia – Year 8

                                                          5th prize           Rachel – Year 9


We raised over $5,000 in the raffle this year which is outstanding.  The money raised will be put towards student resources.  I would like to thank all our sponsors for their valuable support:

Scorpion Technology Computers
Honeylight Consulting Pty Ltd
Dynamic Concepts
Premier Waste
MAPS Marketing
PSW Mount Waverley
Learning with Technologies
Waverley Toyota
Texas Instruments
Link Educational Supplies Pty Ltd
Bunnings Notting Hill
Quinces Australia Group
Emerald Tourist Railway Board
Peridot Theatre Company                                        

Thank you to the college community who supported this important fundraising event by purchasing or selling tickets.


Information Evenings 2018

Thank you to all the students and parents who attended our VCE information evening on Tuesday 7 August and the 2018 Year 10 information evening on Thursday 9 August.  These evenings are very important for families to understand the courses, subjects and pathways available next year and in the future.

Thank you to Ms Lisa McKiernan (Head of Middle School) and Ms Maureen Theobald (Head of Senior School) for overseeing the organisation of these two evenings.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal