Andrew Batchelor

Mount Matters

Mount Matters commenced on Friday on the Junior Campus at Year 7, with our first Year 8 session on Friday 3 August led by our Junior School Captains and Year 8 leaders. This Friday 10 August is our first Year 7 session. Thank you to Ms Hayley Dureau, Mrs Kate Rose, Mr John Simon, Mrs Bronwyn Nash, Mrs Margaret Taylor, Mr Way Lim, Mr Jason McCrae, Ms Emma Kerr, Ms Katie Radak and Ms Lauren Kelly for their involvement. 


Education State Forum and Inner East Principal Forum

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday the Education State Forum ran to reflect on progress made and to share highlights from a few selected schools across the state. Thank you and congratulations to  our Head of Student Voice, Ms Hayley Dureau, along with some of our Year 12 students: Liam R, Vidarshana S and Tiffany Y of Year 12 for sharing our student voice journey and outstanding work in this area. It was a wonderful opportunity to present alongside Liam at the Education State Forum to a large number of engaged participants from across the state. Thank you also to Mrs Karen Wade and Mr Ian Macleod for their time and support.  


College Tours

On Thursday mornings we have been running college tours on the Junior Campus. This has been a further opportunity for prospective families to see our learning community and to be able to speak with our talented staff and students. Thank you to Mrs Colleen Pritchard, Ms Rhonda Palstra and  Mrs Narda McLennan for their efforts in organising these. Thank you also to Mr John Simon, Ms Lauren Kelly, Mr Jason McCrae and our Year 8 Leaders for their efforts in leading some of these tours. 


Junior Campus Assembly

On Tuesday 31 July we held our Junior Campus Assembly which was a great occasion in recognising student and staff achievements and effort in providing such a large number of wonderful opportunities for our students. Thank you to Mr John Simon and the Junior School Team for their work in preparing for this. 


ICAS English

On Tuesday 31 July our Year 7 and 8 students participated in the English ICAS. Thank you to our Mrs Elizabeth Sutherland and our English team, along with Mr Greg Campbell for their work in organising this opportunity, and to our teachers for their efforts in supporting it. We look forward to seeing our results later in the year.


House Athletics

Over 900 students and staff headed to the Knox Athletics track on Friday 27 July for our annual House Athletics event.  It was great day to see so many students participating in events aiming to better their previous best.  Well done to Mr Matt Cara and Mr Danny Gwynne for their great work in organising this whole school event.   A District Athletics team has been selected from this event and will now compete at the next level.


Australian Club Championships

Evan A  and Ethan H of year 7 and their Under 14.1 boys basketball team have qualified for the Australian Club Championships  which they play 2-3 games per day over 5 days and is being held in 1- 6  October 2018.  Only the top 4 teams in Victoria get selected to play in this prestigious competition.

Evan, Ethan and their team have had to play a large number of clubs throughout Victoria Metro and Regional squads (including games played in Ballarat and Geelong).  The boys are currently holding first place in the Victorian Championship Division for Basketball Victoria.  

Goodluck to Evan, Ethan and their team for their upcoming Australian Club Championships!



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School