Andrew Batchelor

Student Goals – Session Two

On Friday 29 June during periods 5 and 6 we are held our second Student Goals session. This session focused on providing students in Years 7 to 11 with the opportunity to reflect on their progress made using the strategies and evidence when they set goals earlier this year.  Our Year 12 students and Alumni students again led these sessions with the support of staff.  Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr Matt Sheehan, Miss Emma Stevenson, Miss Gokce Delioglu, Miss Maureen Theobald and Miss Claire McCormack for their efforts and involvement and the support and work of Mr Ras van der Merwe, Mr Greg Campbell and our dedicated teachers.   


College Raffle

We have been working hard on sourcing some great prizes for our college raffle this year.  Nearly $5000 worth of prizes have been donated including an ACER Notebook, Drone, and many other fantastic prizes.   Each student and staff member in the college has been allocated one booklet of ten tickets.  Tickets are numbered and must be accounted for.  All tickets and money must be returned directly to the college – General Office Junior Campus and Accounts office Senior Campus – either sold or unsold before Thursday 19 July.  If students/staff sell all of their tickets they will be eligible to be entered into the ticket seller’s prize draw where five great prizes are on offer.  The raffle will be drawn on Thursday 2 August at the opening night of the college production.

Please support the college by selling all of your tickets. Money raised over the past two years has gone towards the purchase of goal posts on the Senior Campus oval and outdoor seating.


Student Exchange Information Evening

On Wednesday 20 June  we held a Student Exchange Information Evening for those students undertaking an extended exchange to Japan later this year.  All of the families in attendance were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the exchange. Thank you to Miss Gokce Delioglu for her efforts in leading this evening, well supported by Mrs Ayako Yasunaga and Mrs Narda McLennan. 


Semester Reports and Semester Two classes

Our semester reports will be published to families via Compass on Friday 29 June.  Congratulations to all students who have applied themselves throughout the semester, reflecting on their growth in learning and identifying further areas of improvement.

Students at the Junior Campus have started Semester Two moving into new subjects as part of this changeover. As we move towards the term break it is worth reflecting on the first half of the year which has included learning across the eight learning areas, as well as camps, sport, excursions and competitions.

I wish all students, staff, parents and carers a safe and relaxing break. We look forward to seeing you back in Term 3 ready for another semester of learning.


Mount Matters Forum

Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau for her efforts in organising our Mount Matters Forum on Tuesday 26 June. It was a wonderful opportunity for our Mount Matters students at Years 7, 8, 9, and 10, supported by other student leaders, have enjoyed being part of these teams. We look forward to them providing further input into what is working well and what we can further develop at our college. Thank you to all staff and students who attended the forum and various sessions throughout this term in supporting this great program.


VCE Parent Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday 20 June our Parents at Mount team ran the 2018 VCE Parent Afternoon Tea. The aim of this session was to have an informal get together to discuss and share ideas around supporting a child who is currently undertaking VCE studies.  It was great to see a number of parents here discussing how to further help and support their child in their learning. We look forward to more of these informal parent sessions continuing to support and strengthen the learning partnership between the college and at home. Thank you to Ms Erica McGown for her efforts in organising this great event and to Mrs Lyn Luongo and her VET students for providing afternoon tea. 


Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School