Andrew Batchelor

Student Goals – Session Two

On Friday 29 June during periods 5 and 6 (shortened due to last day of Term 2) we are undertaking our second Student Goals session. This session will focus on providing students in Years 7 to 11 with the opportunity to reflect on their progress made using the strategies and evidence when they set goals earlier this year.  Our Year 12 students and Alumni students will again be leading these sessions with staff.  This will again be recorded on Compass under Insights and will be accessible by students, staff and parents/carers.  Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr Matt Sheehan, Ms Emma Stevenson, Ms Gokce Delioglu, Ms Maureen Theobald and Ms Claire McCormack for their efforts and involvement, along with all staff involved in supervising these student-led sessions.

Mount Matters

Over the past month we have launched Mount Matters on the Junior Campus with sessions running at Year 7 and Year 8 rotating each week. These continue to be very successful and provide an opportunity for those student representatives from each home group to discuss what is going well at the college and how we can further develop. The sessions expertly run by our Year 11 and 12 Student Leaders which has been great to see them develop the leadership capacity of younger students. We look forward to the Mount Matters Forum on June 26 where all students representatives from Years 7 to 10 come together to present and discuss their ideas. Thank you to Mrs Kate Rose, Miss Hayley Dureau and Mr John Simon for their efforts in leading this initiative. Thank you to Mrs Bronwyn Nash, Mrs Margaret Taylor, Ms Lauren Kelly, Ms Emma Kerr, Ms Katie Radak, Mrs Bindi Gatward and Mr Way Lim for their efforts in supporting this program. 

Guardian Angels

Our 2018 Guardian Angels program continues to run which includes a number of Year 12 students coming back to the Junior Campus and running activities with our Year 7 students during home group on one day a week. This is a wonderful program and provided further support to our Year 7 students from our Senior Students. Thank you to Ms Linda Crook, Year 12 Coordinator, for her efforts in working with the Year 12 Student Leaders to organise this program. Thank you to Ms Emma Kerr and Ms Katie Radak for their support.

Boys Netball and Girls Football

On Tuesday 22 May Our Girls Football and Boys Netball teams participated in the Round Robin competition.  All teams gave a great effort and enjoyed the opportunity in representing the college.  Thank you to Ms Emma Kerr, Ms Jo Rogers and Mrs Belinda Gatward for coaching these teams. 

Year 8 Round Robin

On Wednesday 30 May, the Year 8 Round Robin offered students the chance to player soccer (boys and girls), badminton (boys and girls) and netball (girls).  The boys soccer won through to Zone claiming the District title.   Well done to all student participants on the day. Thanks to Ms Emma Kerr, Ms Jo Rogers, Mrs Bindi Gatward, Mr Way Lim, Mr Gordon Gunn, Mrs Natasha Campbell and Mr Greg Campbell who coached these teams. 

Year 7 Round Robin

On Friday 8 June, a number of sporting teams participated in the Round Robin competition. Soccer (boys and girls), badminton (boys and girls), football (boys) and netball (girls) were the sports on offer. The boys Soccer and boys AFL football teams took out the District title.  Thanks to Ms Sarah Smith, Ms Felicia Williams, Mr Way Lim, Mr Gordon Gunn and Mr Greg Campbell who coached these teams. 

Thank you to Mr Danny Gwynne for convening the badminton, coordinating all of the teams and getting everyone and everything organised for both days!

Tinnies for Vinnies

Our annual Tinnies for Vinnies collection is well underway on the Junior Campus.  Both students and staff are contributing non-perishable food and toiletries for St Vincent de Paul.  Our Home Groups are competing against each other to see who can donate the most and beat the overall total from last year. This food will be put to good use in helping families in our local area and across Melbourne.  Thank you to Ms Kate Rose for her work in organising this at the Junior Campus.

VCE Parent Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday 20 June from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in the Fishbowl on the Senior Campus, our Parents at Mount group are running a VCE Parent Afternoon Tea. The aim of this session is to have an informal get together to discuss and share ideas around supporting a child who is currently undertaking VCE studies. Thank you to Ms Erica McGown for her efforts in organising this great event and to Mrs Lyn Luongo and her VET students for providing afternoon tea. 

Monash Tech School

This week some of our Year 8 students have been participating in a Monash Tech School program. This has included an experience at Monash University allowing them to see impressive technology in action and then complete work back at the Tech School. The ‘Superpowers’ program had a focus on new energy and required students to design solutions to problems that incorporate new energy systems. Thank you Mr Andrew Morton for his work in attending this program, and to Ms Lauren Kelly and Mr Wayne Griffin for organising this opportunity for our students.


On Wednesday 13 June during lunchtime we held a ‘Bake-Off’ between a Year 8 student, Rehan F, and our Food Technology guru Mrs Bronwyn Nash.  Both were competing to make the best cupcakes, with funds raised supporting our college production.  It was great to see so many students and staff engaged in this activity.  Well done to Rehan and Mrs Nash on their excellent cooking! Thank you to Mrs Danielle Mott for her work in supporting this event.



 Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School