Year 7 Accelerated Mathematics

We are excited to introduce this year for the first time Year 7 Accelerated Mathematics we believe this is an excellent opportunity for our high achieving students to excel in a subject they enjoy and are talented in. Please refer to our updated Mathematics Pathway located on the intranet for more information on the Accelerated pathway for our students. A huge thank you to the staff that have worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Researchers and educators of students who have participated in accelerated learning programs indicate that there are a range of potential benefits. These include: enhanced student learning, motivation, accomplishment and self-esteem, academic challenge and progression at  a rate that is more closely aligned with the student’s ability and interests as well as a stronger engagement in learning. By accelerating students in mathematics we are matching the learning needs of talented and gifted mathematics students who are quick to grasp basic concepts and ready to be challenged by the increased complexity of an advanced curriculum.



Ms Amanda Sfindilis-Reed
Head of Faculty – Mathematics