Year 8 Camp at Rubicon

I am writing this report from the Year 8 Camp at Rubicon Outdoor Centre in Thornton. We have spent the week with 40 keen Year 8 adventurers who have embarked on a range of challenges. This is the third of four groups of students who will be attending the camp this year. The program has strong themes of resilience and challenge, and extends students’ experiences from Challenge Week earlier in the year. Many thanks to all staff who have attended one of the Year 8 camps this year. 

Below is a report from some of our current campers as they reflect on their week at Rubicon: 

“How was camp?”

I shudder as the memories resurface. Flashes of muddy puddles and cold nights run through my mind as I recall our overnight hike. But slowly I remember the awesome connections I have made, the new experiences I have created. We got to pitch, strike and set up a tent, as well as cook our own gourmet meals, and hike the great distances to take in panoramic views of majestic waterfalls and luscious green hills. In the end, the wet raincoats and soppy shoes were worth it. We simply had to remember to be resilient 

It was the main theme of the week. We learnt how to get back up when things got hard. Be it the harsh conditions during the hike, our canoes tipping in the river or our heavy packs dragging us down we never gave up and got through it.

Nerves of steel and hearts of fire arose as we took on the water activities and to our surprise found that we had greater fun than we could have ever imagined. We got to ride through rivers and over crazy rapids in our canoes. We even managed to create a massive raft out of a total of eight canoes, setting a record in our little game of “Boat Jenga”. Having adrenaline running through our veins once again and feeling excitement we haven’t felt in a while made it one of the many highlights of this camp.

Camp was good, I end up saying

Because it really was. There were challenges, but they were there to strengthen our character and help us learn to better ourselves in terms of resilience. Overall, camp was a great experience that helped all of us learn to know each other and grow to become better people in today’s world.”                   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             by Natalie L, Daniel V, Talyssa E and Alanna M




Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School