Parents assisting their child in Career Planning

A quote directly from the free resource “My future”:   “The earliest and often the most powerful learning about careers is shaped by the adults in a child’s life. This Assist your child feature page will help you to support and encourage your child or another young person with their career making decisions.”

You are encouraged to explore this page for tips and conversation starters.


Year 10 families

Last week students collected their work experience folders.  The folders contain copies of their placement form and evaluation forms and other information to support the program.  Thank you for your support in encouraging students to take up this opportunity.  Listen to their stories and know that over the years many students have obtained direction from this week of learning in the workplace.  Year 10 teachers will be in contact with workplaces during next week to check on the placement.   If a student or you have any concerns please contact the Careers team on or call 9803 6811.

Some students will seek a placement during school holiday breaks and this can also be arranged with suitable notice so that the administration can be managed.  Work experience can occur during the Term 1,2 and 3 holiday breaks only.


Free TAFE courses information and planning for 2019

You may recently have seen footage of the government promotion of free TAFE courses.  We are in contact with our local TAFES and have received information form Holmesglen about opportunities.


As always the Careers team is available to support students in their conversations and research into options for study and work. We have many brochures available providing information about 2019 courses and the Career News publication is an excellent compilation of current news.  Look out for Issue no. 7 in the next couple of days.


Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Careers Coordinator