Lisa McKiernan

Middle School Program Important Information

Year 9 and 10 Exams
The Year 10 exam period commences next Friday 25 May, with the Year 9 Exam period commencing on Monday 4 June.

Students who are absent for an exam due to illness are required to provide the Middle School office with a medical certificate.  Medical certificates for exams need to be provided to the Middle School within 5 days of an exam.  Students who do not provide a medical certificate for their absence will receive a grade of zero for their exam.  Please refer to the college examination policy for further details.

Please note that the College do not provide alternative times for students to resit exams if they are absent.

Year 10 Attendance during Exams
Students are not required to attend regular classes during the exam period.  When not scheduled for an exam, students are to study at home.

Year 9 Attendance during Exams
Students are required to attend regular classes during the exam period. Exam are scheduled throughout the school day.

Exam Timetables
Exam timetables can be downloaded from compass via the News Feed.

Year 10 Safe Driver Program – 14 June
On Thursday 14 June all Year 10 students will participate in a full day ‘Safe Driver’ education program delivered by Vic Roads.  Attendance is compulsory for all students.  Students are required to wear full school uniform and attend home group at the beginning of the day.

Year 10 Work Experience – 4-8 June 
Good luck to all Year 10 students undertaking Work Experience in the coming weeks.  This is a valuable program that I am sure will allow our students to develop an array of essential skills they can use both in the classroom, and in their everyday lives.


Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School