Welcome back to all of our senior students, it has been a productive and smooth start to the year. A special welcome to our new students and families who have joined our college community in 2018.


Camps and Programs Week

Next week each year level from Year 9 to 12 will be involved in a camp or special program. Staff and students are looking forward to this. The Year 11 students are involved in a special three day Flying Start program which provides them with an opportunity to start to consider and explore post Year 12 options. The Year 12 students will be attending the Canberra trip or the Year 12 Melbourne program. Please note that attendance at these programs and camps are compulsory. A special thank you to all of the staff and in particular the subschools who have been involved in organising the programs.


The college asks for your co-operation in ensuring our students are in correct uniform and wearing the uniform with pride to and from school and during the school day. The uniform requirements are set out in the student planner and in the Uniform Policy on the college website. If there are any questions please contact the subschool.


Car parking – Senior campus

The car parks off Lechte Road and Gordon Road are for college staff only. There are a few spaces available near the General Office at the front of the college for visitors. Parents and carers are asked to drop students off in the surrounding streets – obeying the parking restrictions and are not to enter the school grounds. When dropping off and picking up students please be mindful of other motorists and pedestrians.


Announcements and information is available for parents and students through Compass, please check this on a regular basis. Information will be sent out shortly regarding Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) for students in Years 7 to 10 and information regarding SACs for students completing a VCE subject.


Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school

Parents/ carers are reminded that the Department of Education and Training does not provide personal accident or ambulance cover for students. Parents and carers of students, who do not have private health insurance or ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students.

Private property bought to the college by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department is not responsible for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.

It is recommended that parents/ carers consider insurance policies that can be purchased from commercial insurers.


Teaching and Learning at the college

As part of my campus principal role I work closely with staff to ensure that we deliver the relevant and challenging curriculum and assessment to assist our students now and in the future. In 2017 staff worked on planning for new subjects particularly at Year 10 and in VCE. At VCE there have a number of new Study Designs implemented in 2018 and staff worked on ensuring that our students are able to access the key skills and knowledge required.

In 2018 the college is going to report on Common Assessment Tasks (CATs). More information will be communicated shortly. If you have any questions regarding teaching and learning and curriculum please contact either myself, Ms Debbie Sekula (Head of Curriculum Leader). Mr Jason McCrae (Head of Data, Assessment and Reporting) or Mr Matt Sheehan (Head of Pedagogy) at the college. 


Mrs Julie Cain

Campus Principal – Senior Campus