Early Commencement Program

In early December our students recently participated in and completed the Early Commencement Program.  This year’s Year 7 students have become our Year 8 students for 2018 undertaking timetabled classes in all subjects.  This program has many benefits including helping to transition students into their next year level and it also allows them to better understand the learning program they will be undertaking in each subject in the coming year. 

Orientation Day

Orientation Day saw us welcome our Year 7 Class of 2018 to the college for their first taste of college life at Mount Waverley.  Students were busy undertaking a wide range of activities designed to help them get to know other students, staff and their new school.  Students went on a school tour, played Human Bingo and meet new friends and staff alike.  There were plenty of smiling face at the final assembly on the day indicating that the students had had an interesting and an engaging day.  This is an important day and is another big step for our new Year 7 students who are joining the college in 2018.  We look forward to welcoming our Year 7 students back to the college in 2018. 

Finally, as this year closes we start to look towards next year and the opportunities for learning and growth that will be provided at the college.  I look forward to welcoming students back to college next year at they continue their learning journey at Mount Waverley Secondary College.  Can I wish all families a safe and happy holiday.


Ian Macleod
Junior Campus Principal