The Senior Campus has been very busy with exams continuing for students studying a Year 12 subject, and this week Years 10 and 11 students started their exams. Staff have been busy assisting students, preparing and marking exams and getting ready for the Early Commencement Program.
Students in Years 9 to 11 are expected to attend the exam feedback day on Monday 27 November. They will have every subject on this day to provide a valuable opportunity to reflect and review on their exams and to develop strategies to improve as they move into 2018.

Professional Learning at the college

A number of staff will be attending subject association conferences over the next few weeks. These provide an opportunity for teachers to meet with colleagues and hear from experts in their subject areas. This is very important, particularly for VCE teachers who may be teaching a new course in 2018.

On Wednesday 15 November nearly 30 teachers worked with Ms Bron Jones, a teacher and lecturer at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, looking at skills and developing and improving the tasks and rubrics students undertake.

There were many positive and interesting conversations and collaboration around tasks and what students need to be demonstrating. There will be a follow up session later this term and teams will continue to work with Bron in 2018. This ensures that, as a college, we are providing our students with the best learning and assessment possible.

VCAA Assessors

A number of our VCE teachers are assessing Year 12 exams. This involvement benefits our students as the teachers gain experience and develop their expertise in what students are required to do in Units 3 and 4.


2018 Central Australia Trip – April 2018

There is one vacancy left for the camp for a 2018 Year 11 or 12 student. Please contact me at the college if you are interested.



2018 Japanese Study Tour

There are still vacancies for the 2018 Japanese Study Tour. The tour is open to students in Years 8 and 9 (2018 Years 9 and 10). It is a fantastic experience and a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the Japanese culture and language and to build friendships with their host student and family. Please contact Dr Les Mullins if you have any questions. A $500 deposit is required.







Mrs Julie Cain
Senior Campus Principal