I am pleased to be back at the college after my long service leave, despite the cold weather.

Thank you

I would like to acknowledge the work of a number of people who took over facets of my role in my absence. Thanks to the subschool teams and Teaching and Learning Leaders who supported students and their families during the information evenings, the subject selection process and the development of the subject handbooks. Thanks to Mr Jason McCrae (Head of Data, Assessment and Reporting) who attended the University of Melbourne seminars in my absence; thanks to Ms Debbie Sekula (Head of Curriculum) for her hard work in overseeing the final stage of the handbook development and for working with the Teaching and Learning Leaders during the subject selection process; and a special thank you to Mr Matt Sheehan (Head of Pedagogy) who, in addition to teaching his Year 12 classes, took over the Campus Principal duties. Thanks also to the rest of the principal team who assisted in ensuring the Senior Campus ran smoothly. We are lucky to have dedicated and highly skilled staff at the college.

Professional Learning Week

In week five this term teaching staff were involved in a professional learning week where teachers could attend workshops to work on aspects of their pedagogy, use of strategies in the classroom to improve learning and enhance their information technology skills. All workshops were facilitated by members of staff and again reflects the knowledge and skills of our staff and their willingness to share their expertise with their colleagues.

UMNOS – University of Melbourne Network of Schools

The college continues its participation in this three year program and the focus is on writing. Our students on the Junior Campus have completed an e-write task which the English teachers are working through with the students. NAPLAN results have been distributed to parents and our teachers have been using this data in their curriculum planning. The information and knowledge gained from the program is shared with staff to ensure the quality of learning and teaching at the college continues to improve.





Mrs Julie Cain



Mrs Julie Cain
Senior Campus Principal