Senior Campus Principal’s Report


Last week our teaching staff checked student reports ready for publication via Compass today. The Year 11 ‘Statement of Exam Results’ will be also be available on Compass at the start of Term 3. I would like to thank all of the teachers who have had a busy few weeks preparing and marking exams, marking SACs and assessment tasks and writing reports. It is an extremely hectic time of the year.
Mr Jason McCrae and Mr Andrew Wallace have overseen the reporting process and I would like to acknowledge their hard work in supporting the process.

ACER – Ewrite

During the past few weeks our Year 7 and 8 students have completed an online assessment which examines their writing. The results and areas highlighted provide students and teachers with information about the students’ strengths and weaknesses with regards to their writing. This assessment also provides other teachers with data and information about students to assist their learning. Conferences will be held with English teachers on the Junior Campus to discuss these results.

Professional Learning Day – Monday 17 July

The first day of Term 3 is our Professional Learning Day and the focus is on using data to inform learning and teaching. Our keynote speaker is Mr Ryan Dunn, Lecturer in Education and Clinical Partnership Coordinator, from the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Staff will also be working together to determine how to collect and use the data and observations they make in their classes. This reinforces student learning and instructs teachers on how to target teaching in a more specific way according to the needs and knowledge of their students.

Recognition of our staff

A number of our staff have been, or will be involved in, delivering professional development to teachers across the state. Ms Amanda Reid, our Mathematics Teaching and Learning Leader, presented at the Mathematics Association of Victoria (MAV) and presented on ‘Making the most of rich Mathematical Tasks’. Ms Hayley Dureau, Head of Student Voice, will be the keynote speaker at the Maths Conference at the end of the year on the topic of ‘Achieving Excellence in Maths’ and I have presented teacher professional development and student revision lectures for the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA) for VCE Business Management.

Absence from the college

I will be taking Long Service Leave for the first seven weeks of Term 3. Mr Matt Sheehan (Head of Pedagogy) will be taking over most of my responsibilities during my absence.
Congratulations to students and staff on another successful and busy term. Best wishes for a safe and relaxing term break.








Mrs Julie Cain

Senior Campus Principal