Pedagogy Update

The teaching and learning process is one at which teachers at Mount Waverley College are very knowledgeable and passionate. As lifelong learners, we consistently strive to meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of the 21st Century, and seek to support our students to be successful global citizens in the future. As a part of this, the teachers at Mount Waverley Secondary College regularly take part in activities designed to reflect on our teaching practices and maximize student outcomes.
Recently, all teachers were involved in a series of peer observations, whereby they would work in teams to set goals, observe each other’s classroom practice and engage in professional discussions about areas for improvement. The feedback gained from these observations and reflections is crucial to informing us about what impact we are having in partnership with our students. It is also a terrific opportunity to engage with our Explicit Instructional Model.
Similarly, in the coming weeks we will be conducting a round of Learning Walks at both campuses where teams of teachers, who volunteer to give up their planning and correction time, undertake a series of classroom visits where student learning is the focus. Feedback from these walks is used to identify areas of strength or improvement and to try to inform any future priorities the college may have in a professional learning sense. As part of these classroom visits, students are often asked and encouraged to describe and share their learning experiences. These discussions are an invaluable source of information for any school in terms of measuring the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process.
We thank all staff and students for their openness, honesty and respectful feedback about teaching and learning. With a community approach, we are truly able to achieve teaching and learning success.




Matt Sheehan

Head of Pedagogy