Middle School News

It has been a positive and busy start to Term 2 with students this week participating in MWSC Wellbeing Week. It is wonderful to see our students understanding and learning the importance of looking after themselves holistically. Students have enjoyed a range of mindfulness, sporting and musical activities throughout this week. Well done to all students for embracing Wellbeing Week.

Term 2 is very busy for all students, as the end of Semester fast approaches please be aware of the following key events:

• Year 9 NAPLAN : 9-11 May
• Year 10 exams : 29 May – 2 June
• Year 10 Work Experience : 5-9 June
• Year 9 exams : 5-9 June
• Year 9 Explore Program : 13-15 June
• Year 10 Keys Please Program : 13 June
• Start of Semester 2 timetable : 19 June

Preparing for Exams – Positive Study Habits

Achievement and success does not just happen overnight, it is a combination of effort and hard work over a period of time that sees results. With everything in life the harder we work, the better the result; preparing for exams is no different.

Mid year exams are fast approaching, here are some tips to help students get started:

• Give yourself enough time to study. Don’t leave it until the last minute
• Organise your study space
• Use flow charts and diagrams to identify key concepts
• Explain your answers to others
• Organise study groups with friends
• Take regular breaks
• Snack on ‘brain food’
• Maintain a balanced lifestyle – exercise, 8 hours of sleep per night
• Avoid listening to music whilst studying


Lisa McKiernan




Mrs Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School