Welcome to the new Arts and Technology News site. We are excited to be bringing you all the latest news, sharing amazing student creations and keeping you informed of upcoming events.

This week – Friday 5 May we have our first Jazz Under the Stars music event. Come and relax with some drinks and nibbles as the talented MWSC musicians entertain us with some bebop and boogie-woogie jive!  




Buckle up for some more amazing entertainment as we start the Drama Ensemble Festival next week, beginning with the Year 10 Drama class on Wednesday 10 May.



Included with this week’s news are some marvellous Year 9 Media films and an insightful Journalism article. Then drool over the Design, Create and Bake Birthday cakes – YUM!!



For more details on all performances and featured stories use this link and enjoy.





Ms Jane Carter

Teacher & Learning Leader – The Arts