Senior Campus Principal’s Report


On Demand Testing and REAP

As part of our plan to increase the collection and use of data our students in Year 7s and 8 have been involved in a range of testing. This information is not used as assessment for reports, it provides teachers with information about the strengths and weaknesses of our students and allows teachers to tailor work for the class and the year level as a cohort.

The On Demand testing covers English and Mathematics. In addition some Year 7 and 8 classes have been involved in a University of Melbourne Project – REAP – where students and teachers have access to resources to extend students. The testing provides a base line for teachers and university research and again is not part of any assessment.

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

It was pleasing to see so many parents/carers and students attend the conferences on Wednesday. It provides an opportunity for parents to discuss the progress of their child with teachers. Unfortunately some parents were not able to access Compass and these were outside the control of the college. If you were not able to make a booking please contact teachers via email if you wish to gain feedback on your child’s progress.

Car parking in and around the Senior Campus

Please be aware of where you are parking when dropping off and picking up students. The streets around the college become congested and we do not want to see any one hurt. Parents are not allowed to park in the school car parks as these are for staff only and again the risk of injury increases with cars coming in and out of the campus. If you need to attend an appointment or go the general office on the Senior Campus, you can park in a visitors’ car park space via the Lechte Road entrance.

Peer observations – visiting classes

As part of our Performance and Development process a number of teachers have been working in triads and observing each other’s classes and talk to students about their learning. This provides teachers with an opportunity to reflect on their practice and talk with colleagues. This will continue to occur during the rest of the year.





Mrs Julie Cain
Senior Campus Principal